High-capacity UPS with flexible voltage range and auto-sensing frequency. Robust surge protection and high efficiency performance with pure sine wave output. Dual outputs for added convenience.


– Capacity: High-capacity UPS with two options: 3600VA/3600W and 5600VA/5600W, providing reliable backup power for critical systems.
– Input: Standard 230 VAC input voltage, compatible with most power sources.
– Voltage Range: Selectable voltage range for personal computers (170-280 VAC) and home appliances (90-280 VAC), ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
– Frequency: Auto-sensing frequency range (50 Hz/60 Hz) for seamless adaptation to varying power environments.
– Output: Stable 230VAC output with ± 10% regulation in battery mode, ensuring consistent power delivery.
– Surge Protection: Robust surge protection with high VA ratings (7200 VA and 11200 VA) for safeguarding against power surges and spikes.
– Efficiency: High efficiency performance with a peak rating of 93%, minimizing energy losses and reducing heat generation.
– Switching Time: Fast transfer time of 10 ms for personal computers and 20 ms for home appliances, ensuring minimal downtime and quick recovery.
– Waveform: Pure sine wave output for reliable performance and compatibility with sensitive electronics.
– Dual Outputs: Yes, featuring dual output sockets for connecting multiple devices or systems, enhancing flexibility and convenience.


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